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Primabake Star 39-41 g/m2

Miljömärkning Svanen
Produktgrupp Fettäta papper 049
Kriteriegeneration 4
Licensinnehavare Papeteries du Leman
Licensnummer 3049 0027
Varumärke Primabake

Primabake is a baking paper only made from virgin pulp which is siliconised on both sides. Recyclable, it is exclusively manufactured at PDL. PEFC and FSC® certified, Primabake complies with the principal food regulations. Available in 39 and 41 gsm, both white and unbleached grades, it is designed for baking applications in either microwave or professional ovens for both the domestic household and industrial markets. Distributed by Avere (avere.pro), Primabake is available in 3 distinct qualities, each one dedicated to a specific end use. 350 control loops on the paper machine guarantee quality.