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  1. Papeteries du Leman

Papeteries du Leman

PDL, Papeteries du Leman, is located in Thonon-les-Bains on the shores of Lake Geneva with the Alps as a backdrop and Mont Blanc a mere stone’s throw away. Because of its privileged location between both the lake and the mountains, PDL, leader in specialty papers, has long been aware of the environmental sensitivity of its position and its responsibility in helping to maintain the region. In terms of investment, industrial performance and certification, the company has an active policy of sustainable development. PDL integrates the ecological dimension from the very conception of its papers.

Licensnummer 3049 0027
Telefon +33 4 50 17 05 00
Adress 1080 Rue des Vignes Rouges FR-74500 Publier


Primabake Classic 39-41 g/m2

Svanen / Primabake / Bakpapper

Primabake Star 39-41 g/m2

Svanen / Primabake / Bakpapper

Primabake Light 39 g/m2

Svanen / Primabake / Bakpapper