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  1. Nordic Ecolabelling stands in solidarity with Ukraine

Nordic Ecolabelling stands in solidarity with Ukraine

Nordic Ecolabelling stands in solidarity with Ukraine and wants to express that our thoughts and sympathies are with all the victims of the Russian invasion.


Representing the official and highly trustworthy certification – The Nordic Swan Ecolabel – we support sanctions against Russia and Belarus in this situation. This means:

• No ecolabelling licences will be granted to companies in Russia or Belarus and granted licences will be withdrawn

• Licences depending on known raw material from Russia or Belarus will not be granted.

• Due to measures already made by the PEFC and FSC forest certification systems, wood and wood-based raw materials from Russia and Belarus will be denied in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled products.

• The criteria for Investment funds will be updated to address the current situation. This position also applies to the EU Ecolabel licenses that we issue in the Nordic region.

To support our licensees in complying with the sanctions we are prepared to assist in the process of switching to new commodity markets. We assure prompt processing of sanctioned raw material replacement applications.

- Our contribution is small in this context, but together with everyone else, we can create pressure that can have a positive effect. Of course, our sanctions cause inconvenience to ourselves and to our licensees, but if they are to be effective, we must also be prepared to take consequences for ourselves. This war must end quickly, says Ragnar Unge, chair of Nordic Ecolabelling Association.