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  • Behind every climatesmart woman stands a less active man

    Getting more men to change their behavior is a challenge for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel's. It is still the women who are at the forefront of changing their lifestyle and reducing their climate impact.

  • The Swan effect – changing whole industries

    In the beginning, it was all about minimizing the negative impact on the environment. Today, risk management is a hygiene factor and sustainability is increasingly put at the core of business models.

  • Light up the evenings without palm oil

    The light of the Nordic summer evenings goes to its end. Then candles are perfect to light up dusk. And, how nice it is to know that you don’t burn palm oil as long as you choose Nordic Swan Ecolabelled candles!

  • The Pihlblad family moves into a research villa

    On June 11, Dalarnas Villa was inaugurated with pomp and circumstance, a training project aimed at raising the competence of the construction industry to enable us to build long-term sustainable buildings with a healthy indoor environment where people can live and feel good.

  • Are you aware of the preservatives in your shampoo?

    Parabens and MI are common preservatives in beauty products. But parabens have a suspected endocrine disruption effect and MI can cause allergies. Both are prohibited in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled beauty products.