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  1. Why Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Why the Nordic Swan Ecolabel?

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a world-leading ecolabel with high awareness and credibility. By Nordic Swan Ecolabelling your products and services, you strengthen your brand and can gain competitive advantage in the market.

At the same time, the Nordic Ecolabel gives so much more. Implementing a Nordic Ecolabel means that you receive support and help to structure your environmental work. Life-cycle-based and tough requirements give you the opportunity to become a leader in the environment within your area. And because the Nordic Ecolabel requirements are usually before the legislation, you reduce the risk of negative publicity and sudden changes in the law. The Swan simply works as a tool for your company's environmental strategy.

With the strong environmental work and commitment as a Nordic Ecolabelling, you also contribute to achieving the UN's global sustainability goals that will ensure sustainable development.

In addition, we know that the Swan label often contributes to increasing pride among employees. It is also an excellent way to attract new employees. Having ecolabelled products and services strengthens the company's image as a conscious and responsible company.

Bild på tre armar med Svanenmärket tatuerade
The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a world leading ecolabel.

For 30 years, the Nordic Ecolabel has guided consumers to good choices for the environment. Here's how Swedish consumers think about the Nordic Ecolabel:

  • 96% recognize the Nordic Ecolabel
  • 86% trust that Nordic Ecolabelled products are good choices for the environment
  • 83% feel responsible for choosing environmentally friendly products
  • 86% think that the Nordic Ecolabel helps them to make environmentally friendly choices
  • 91% want independent and objective labeling organizations

Here's how license holders of companies think:

  • 8 out of 10 licensees can recommend other companies to Nordic Ecolabelling their goods and services.
  • 8 out of 10 assess that their product will be Nordic Ecolabelled in 3 years.


Source: Nordic Consumer Survey 2017, IPSOS, Customer Survey AQ Analysis 2018.