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  1. Rules about Infringements, rejections or revocations and how to submit an appeal

Rues about Infringements, rejections or revocations and how to submit an appeal

Measures are always taken against unauthorised use of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.*

Before a licence is granted it is mandatory to meet the criteria requirements and pay the application fee. We will also evaluate your plans for using he the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in marketing.*

Approximately one third of all active (previously granted) licences are followed-up annually. If a licensee has a nonconformity, they are informed and given a time frame (14 days) to rectify the situation.*

Rejection or withdrawal of a licence is based on a nonconformity, i.e. the product fails to meet the criteria requirements, the company fails to pay the stipulated fees, misuse or unauthorised use of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel logotype.*

Decisions concerning a rejection of a licence application or a revocation of a licence can be appealed to the national Nordic Ecolabelling office that made the decision. The appeal must be in writing and sent in no later than four (4) weeks after the company has received the decision.**

The national Nordic Ecolabelling office will thereafter make a decision that cannot be appealed. The respondent will receive the decision in writing.**

* Regulations for the Nordic Ecolabelling of Products


Contact information to the Nordic Ecolabelling offices:

Denmark: info@ecolabel.dk

Finland: joutsen@ecolabel.fi

Iceland: svanurinn@ust.is

Norway: info@svanemerket.no

Sweden: info@svanen.se