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  1. The Pihlblad family moves into a research villa

The Pihlblad family moves into a research villa

On June 11, Dalarnas Villa was inaugurated with pomp and circumstance, a training project aimed at raising the competence of the construction industry to enable us to build long-term sustainable buildings with a healthy indoor environment where people can live and feel good. The education project has been carried out together with Dalarna University, secondary vocational education, material suppliers, Fiskarhedenvillan, contractors and Byggdialog Dalarna.

Dalarnas villa is an educational project aimed at increasing the competence in the construction industry regarding long-term sustainable buildings.

Dalarnas Försäkringsbolag sees Dalarnas Villa as an opportunity to show the construction industry, government officials, and other stakeholders practical solutions, products and systems with bearing on energy management, safety and security regarding fire, burglary and water, and not least environmental impact.

The house was designed by students from Dalarna University and high school students have been responsible for the construction under experienced supervision of hand-picked entrepreneurs. The material for the body was supplied by Fiskarhedenvillan.

Now that the house is complete, it will be rented out to the Pihlblad family for four years. During that time, doctoral student Bojana Petrovic will investigate how the indoor environment is experienced and functioning in the villa. During this period, they will test two different ventilation systems and investigate, among other things, how they affect the energy use in the house.

Dalarnas Försäkringsbolag's CEO Anders Grånäs inaugurates Dalarnas Villa.

On June 11, it was time for an official inauguration. Many of those involved in the project were present and could see Dalarnas Försäkringsbolag's CEO, Anders Grånäs, cut the opening ribbon and listen to the Pihlblad family's expectations of living in Dalarnas Villa. The villa has also passed the requirements for being Nordic Swan Ecolabelled. The ecolabel was therefore in place at the inauguration and Elinor Holén, acting business area manager, house and renovation, handed out certificates to Simon Strömqvist, head of Damage Insurance at Dalarnas Insurance Company.

- From the time we at Ecolabelling Sweden got the question whether it was possible to Nordic Swan Ecolabel Dalarnas Villa we have followed the project. We attended one of the initial meetings and met many of the people involved. Competence has been high and interest in the project has been great among those who have worked with the villa, says Elinor Holén.

Many interesting solutions have been devised to make the villa as fire, burglary and water damage safe as possible. At the same time, the goal has been to create a house with as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Several of the areas that the project focused on, Nordic Ecolabelling already have requirements for, such as moisture safety and ventilation.

- Now that the house is complete, we can see that they have succeeded with the cooperation and Dalarnas Villa is a unique example of how good the result can be when different industries put their wise heads together. We will follow the research project about the indoor environment and see if new interesting facts emerge for us to use in future criteria, says Helen Karlsson, consultant house and renovation.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence was handed over at the inauguration of Helen Karlsson and Elinor Holén.

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