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Bild för produktgrupp, kopierings- och tryckpapper

Copy and printing paper 044

The product category includes unconverted and unprinted paper or board, made from cellulosic fibres, used for writing, printing and copying.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel on a paper product signifies that the product meets strict environmental requirements, for example: 

  • The paper must either be made of virgin fibres and/or recycled fibres. At least 70% of fibres used in paper must come from sustainably managed forests or be recycled.
  • Limitation of hazardous substances in chemicals used during production.
  • Limits on energy consumption during production.
  • Limits on emissions to air and water.

A new generation (5) of criteria has been published on November 20, 2020.

The copy and printing paper criteria consist of three documents; the criteria document below as well as the "Basic Module" and the "Chemical module". Please download these here:


  • Information on the latest version of the criteria for copy and printing paper

    5.0: New generation of criteria

    The Nordic Ecolabelling board decided on a new gereation of criteria for copy and printing paper on October 5, 2020. The new version, 5.0, is valid until December 31th, 2025.

    4.3 ⇛ 4.4: Prolongation of the validity of the criteria

    The validity of Nordic Ecolabel's criteria for copy and printing paper has been prolonged with 12 months. The new version, 4.4, is valid until December 31th, 2021.

    4.2 ⇛ 4.3: Prolongation of the validity of the criteria

    The validity of Nordic Ecolabel's criteria for copy and printing paper has been extended with 18 months. At the same time the requirement R6 Take-back system has been removed. The new version, 4.3, is valid until December 31th, 2020.

    4.1 ⇛ 4.2: Prolongation of the validity of the criteria

    The validity of Nordic Ecolabel's criteria for copy and printing paper has been extended. The new version, 4.2, is valid until June 30th, 2019.

    Some minor editorial changes were also introduced and requirement R5, marketing was removed.

    4.0 ⇛ 4.1: Prolongation of the validity of the criteria

    On May 15th 2013 it was decided to extend the validity of the criteria with 24 months. The name of the new version is 4.1 and is valid until June 30th 2016.

  • We are so happy you decided to send in an application for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel!

    The application process starts by you downloading the application form and filling it in. You then send it to Ecolabelling Sweden.

    We will register your application and send you a confirmation. You will also be assigned an advisor who will help you through the application process.

    During this process, you will send in documentation that proves that your product can successfully meet each of Nordic Ecolabelling’s requirements for your specific product group.

    The application consists of these parts:

    • Completed application form
    • Documentation Overview
    • Documentation showing fulfilment of all requirements according to the criteria document

    Once your product has been approved – not before, you have the right to use the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in all your marketing as long as your licence is valid.

    We wish you luck with your application and, most importantly, your work towards a more sustainable world!

    For more information: "Application step by step"

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