1. Marbodal: environment and quality go hand in hand

Marbodal: environment and quality go hand in hand

Taking responsibility for the environment and climate is a matter of course for Marbodal and is also well integrated with its core business. Right from the start in 1924, when Marbodal was founded, the goal has been the same – to manufacture kitchens with sustainable design and high quality that last a long time!

Marbodal was the first in the Nordic region to have, and today has the largest range of, Nordic Swan Ecolabel kitchens.

"Product development in line with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel's requirements ensures that Marbodal's kitchens continue to be among the best in the industry in terms of sustainability. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel enables simple and straightforward requirements and delivery; our suppliers receive clear requirements from us, and our customers know that we deliver kitchens with a high level of environmental performance," says Maria Carlsson, Sustainability Coordinator at Marbodal.

Marbodal's brand manager Ulrika Almerfors continues:

"The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has a high level of awareness and credibility in the Nordic region, which makes it an important part of our sustainability communication. We always communicate the Nordic Swan Ecolabel to make it easier for our customers to choose an environmentally better kitchen."

A focus on sustainability yields positive results

At Marbodal, they also see good results linked to thinking innovatively about sustainability. The launch of the "Marbodal RE:NEW door replacement" concept helps customers to act more sustainably. The concept implements parts of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel's requirements for circularity through, for example, the replacement of doors, handles and knobs, which help the customer to extend the life of their kitchen.

4 times as many orders

Since the launch of "Marbodal RE:NEW door replacement", there has been a steady increase in sales of spare parts and doors. In 2023, the number of RE:NEW orders was 4 times as many compared to 2022. The concept also attracted attention and won Plaza Interiör magazine's honorary award in sustainability.

With the concept, Marbodal wants to encourage more people to dare to think innovatively about sustainability and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel:

"We see sustainability work as an opportunity and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel as a stamp of quality that we are doing the right thing," concludes Maria Carlsson, Sustainability Coordinator at Marbodal.

Nordic Ecolabelling's criteria för kitchens

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