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  1. Fees for EU Ecolabelled products and services

Fees for EU Ecolabelled products, amount excluding VAT


Application fee
(including renewals)
2 000€

30% discount for EMAS affiliated companies and 15% discount for companies certified according to ISO 14001.*The discounts cannot be combined.

For small and medium-sized companies (SME) and for developing countries the fee is 600 €.**

For micro companies the fee is 350€.***

In order to receive the discount, documentation which will confirm that the criteria stated above are true, must be provided at the time of application. 
Audit visitor fee
Compensation for travel/lodging as well as a fee of 1 200€/ day for work time.
Modification / extension
0 – 2 000€ depending on the extent of the work.

150€ / hour. Discounts apply as mentioned above for EMAS or ISO 14001. *
Annual licence fee 0,15 % of the turnover (in the EU). Max 25 000€, minimum fee 2 000€ per licence. If total turnover exceeds the maximum fee of 25 000 €, an additional fee of €2,000 per additional production site is added.
SME/ Micro companies / Developing countries receive a 25 per cent discount. **, ***

* Companies certified according to EMAS or ISO 14001 will receive a discount on the application fee and the fee for renewal if the ecolabelling criteria are incorporated in the certification, either as part of an environmental policy or as part of specific environmental goals.

** A small to medium sized enterprise (SME) is a company with no more than 249 employees and an annual turnover not exceeding 50 million EUR.

A developing country is a country included on OECD's Development Assistance Committee’s list of countries which receive development aid.

*** A micro-sized enterprise is a company with no more than 9 employees and an annual turnover for both ecolabelled and non-ecolabelled products, not exceeding 2 million EUR. Please note that in order to be eligible for this discount, both the applicant and the production site must fulfil the definition of a micro-sized enterprise.