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Every person can make a daily choice to help improve the environment and the climate. Choose Ecolabelled products. We at Ecolabelling Sweden market and licence two of the most well-known Ecolabels in the world: the Nordic Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel.  When you see these logos on products it means they have fulfilled  stringent environmental and climate criteria. We have thousands of Nordic Ecolabelled products in Sweden alone, everything from hotels and restaurants to cleaning detergents and batteries.  

We continually revise our requirements. Our goal is a sustainable consumerism and Nordic Ecolabelled and EU Ecolabelled products contribute to this goal. Do you want to live an environmentally-friendly life? Then use your buying power and buy Ecolabelled products. Thank you for doing your part!  


Here you can download company information and criteria for ecolabelling and how they will change.

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First ecolabel to ban greenhouse gases in TVs and computers

First ecolabel to ban greenhouse gases in TVs and computers

Nordic Ecolabel is the first Ecolabel in the world to demand a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions used in LCD displays. The producer must now reduce emissions of two very potent gases in order to fulfill the new Nordic Ecolabel criteria for TVs and computers.
First ecolabelled trendy handbag comes  from Brazil

First ecolabelled trendy handbag comes from Brazil

Brasilian company Naturals fashion has obtained the EU Ecolabel for their trendy handbags, made of 100% recycled materials. Ragged clothes, paper waste and plastic bottles are given new life and the labor-intensive production provides work opportunities and a better life for poor people.

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