1. Take care of your new home

Take care of your new home

Congratulations, you have moved into a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled residence! This means that you live energy efficiently and have a healthy indoor climate. It is now up to you to keep your home in the same good environmental condition.

There will come a day when you may want to change something in your home. Being environmentally conscious when renovating and expanding requires some time and dedication. But by choosing natural and ecolabelled materials, you get products that last longer and are better for you, your family's health and the environment.


Here are some tips on how to take care of your home as gently as possible.


Choose high quality furniture that lasts for a long time

Chemicals may not be the first thing to think about when buying furniture. Nevertheless, a variety of chemical products are used both as additives in materials and during production. In a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled furniture or decoration, the amount of substances that are hazardous to your health and the environment are reduced to a minimum. For example, flame retardants and dyes in fabrics and upholstery. Best for the environment is also to choose a piece of furniture that has high quality and long life.

Furnish your home with Nordic Swan Ecolabelled furniture and fitments-

Paint with ecolabelled paint

Choose water-based alternatives, but keep in mind that these can also emit harmful substances and especially in the beginning. Ventilate for a long time and preferably do not paint if you are pregnant or have small children at home. Good choices from a health point of view are paints with low content of VOC (volatile organic compounds) and preservatives, something that is fulfilled by Nordic Swan Ecolabelled indoor and outdoor pants. There are many Nordic Swan Ecolabelled paints to choose from and you will find them everywhere where paint is sold.

[link] See what Nordic Swan Ecolabelled indoor paint there is.

[link] See what Nordic Swan Ecolabelled outdoor paint there is.

Do not choose floors containing PVC

Floors can often contain unpleasant substances. Wood, linoleum and tiles are preferred over PVC and textiles. Nordic Swan Ecolabelled floors are durable, easy to maintain and contribute to a healthy indoor environment. Nordic Swan Ecolabelled floors are treated with surface treatment agents that are neither carcinogenic, reprotoxic or toxic.

[link] Check out all Nordic Swan Ecolabelled floors.

Nordic Swan Ecolabelled floors provide a healthy indoor environment, are easy to take care of and last for a long time.

Glue and putty

In the past, adhesives usually had white spirit as a solvent but today most are water-based and therefore less hazardous to the environment and health. Choose an ecolabelled alternative if you want to be sure of getting a product that meets high demands on raw material, production phase, final product, function, use and waste.

Building boards

Chipboard, MDF, OSB and Plywood are all made with glue that includes formaldehyde. The substance is very hazardous to the health in free form and therefore there is an upper limit for how much formaldehyde the material may release. Ask the seller how much the board you are buying releases and select an ecolabelled board.


Choose stone or glass wool instead of cellular plastic. There are also new interesting insulation materials on the way such as wood fiber boards, mineralogical boards and glass panels.

Avoid pressure-impregnated wood for your balcony, porch or patio

Preferably do not use pressure impregnated wood as it has been treated with substances that are dangerous to both animals and plants. There is deckings with natural resistance to rot such as larch, oak and cedar. There are several Nordic Swan Ecolabelled options.

[link] Here you will find everything from Nordic Swan Ecolabelled putty to building boards and windows.