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  1. Consultation Dishwasher detergents for professional use

Consultation concerning revised criteria for

Dishwasher detergents for professional use

Nordic Ecolabelling gives you the opportunity to comment on the proposal for criteria for Nordic Swan Ecolabelling for Dishwasher detergents for professional use. Your comments are important and will be considered by the national Ecolabelling boards and the Nordic Ecolabelling Board.

The ecolabelling is assessed based on a life cycle perspective. Tough requirements for chemicals and packaging ensure that Nordic Swan Ecolabelled dishwasher detergents for professional use reduce the impact on our environment.

We look forward to your comments, which should be sent to  Ecolabelling Sweden no later than 23 May 2021 to be taken into consideration. For more information, se below.

Nordic Ecolabelling also invites you to a webinar on 14 April 2021 to present the consultation proposal.

Please find the proposed criteria for download further down on this page.

What has been changed?

The most important changes compared to generation 2 are:

  • Palm oil, palm kernel oil and derivatives of palm oil or palm kernel oil must have RSPO certification (requirement O4).
  • Water-soluble films (e.g., PVA films) used in dishwasher detergents must be readily biodegradable (requirement O8).
  • The list of substances that are excluded from use in products is extended with (requirement O9):
    • Antimicrobial or disinfecting ingredients added for purposes other than preservation
    • Benzalkonium chloride
    • DTPA (diethylenetriamine pentaacetate)
    • Phosphates
    • MI (methylisothiazolinone acid, CAS no. 2682-20-4)
    • Microplastics
    • Substances categorised as Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC)
  • The definition of endocrine disruptors has been updated (requirement O9).
  • Maximum dosage is required (requirement O10).
  • Products used to clean instruments in healthcare are a separate product type with their own limit values in all requirements for biodegradability and ecotoxicity (requirements O11–O14).
  • The CDV limit is only stated with chronic values. The limit values for CDV have been tightened for all product types (requirement O12).
  • Biodegradability requirements - aerobic and anaerobic (aNBO and anNBO) have been tightened for dishwasher detergents (requirement O13).
  • Rigid plastic packaging: Design for recycling (requirements O15–O16).
  • Reuse of plastic packaging (requirement O17).
  • Paper-based packaging for solid products: Design for recycling products (requirement O18).

We are particularly interested in getting comments on the following points:

  • Prohibition of phosphate (requirement O9).
  • The new limit values for CDV and aerobic and anaerobic degradability. We encourage producers to enter data for their products in the associated calculation sheets during the consultation period (requirements O12–O13).
  • All packaging requirements (requirements O15–O18).

We also welcome comments on any other requirement and any other parts of the criteria and background document.

Documents for download

Who can provide input?

All people, companies and institutions who are interested in taking part in the development work of Nordic Ecolabelling criteria for Furniture and Fitments can provide us with their opinions and comments. We would appreciate if you kindly distribute information about this review to whom it may concern.

How can comments be sent in?

Your input is most valuable to our criteria development. We prefer to receive your answers via the form below or by e-mail to

For further questions, please contact our Product Specialist
Svetlana Sopa
e-mail: or
telephone +46(0) 8-55 55 24 17.

Consultation webinar

Nordic Ecolabelling will organise a consultation webinar on the criteria proposal.

Date and time: Wednesday 14 April 2021 at 10:00-11:00 CET.

Place: Microsoft Teams. Click this link for direct access to the webinar. Welcome!

What happens next?

When the consultation period is complete, the answers will be compiled and evaluated. For this reason, a new revised proposal for criteria will be submitted to the Swedish Ecolabelling Board and the other national committees. On this basis, the Nordic Ecolabelling Board will then decide on new criteria.

Part of the decision document is the summary of all consultation responses together with answers from Nordic Ecolabelling. The summary will be public and available on the Ecolabelling Sweden’s web page in connection with the publication of the new criteria.

We look forward to receiving your comments no later than 23 May 2021.

Please leave your comments here

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