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  1. Remanufactured OEM Toner Cartridges 008
Bild för produktgrupp, återanvända OEM tonerkassetter

Remanufactured OEM Toner Cartridges 008

Nordic Ecolabelled remanufactured OEM toner cartridges mean:

– Less waste and a lower consumption of energy and raw materials. Using toner cartridges several times reduces the total consumption of toner cartridges and accordingly the environmental impact of the product throughout its service life.

– The criteria aim to reduce waste and the product is also required to meet high standards of quality and capacity.

– There are also requirements on quality assurance of the recycling process, content of environmentally hazardous and harmful substances, and on labelling and information to the end-customer.

  • Fees valid from 1 January 2021

    Application fee

    Application fee including one on-site inspection within the Nordic region *) 3 000 EUR, however not less than 90 EUR per cartridge model.
    Renewal fee *) 1 500 EUR, however not less than 45 EUR per cartridge model.

    Annual licence fee

    Annual Nordic licence fee**) 0.3% of turnover in the Nordics from 0–30 million EUR.
    0.05% of turnover in the Nordics > 30 million EUR.
    Minimum fee for the Nordic countries 2 000 EUR per year.
    Maximum fee for the Nordic countries No maximum fee.
    Annual licence fee outside the Nordic countries (for licence holders with a turnover of more than 300 000 EUR of Nordic Swan ecolabelled products, sold outside the Nordic countries) 2 000 EUR per year.

    If the Nordic Swan ecolabelled products are only sold outside the Nordic countries, a minimum fee is always charged.

    Fee for extensions/alterations of licence

    Extension/alteration of existing licence If the extension includes new cartridge models, prices are the same as those applicable to amendments to an existing licence, however not less than 90 EUR per cartridge model.

    Other types of alterations will be charged according to how long it takes to deal with the matter:
    - Less than 4 hours: 375 EUR.
    - Between 4 and 8 hours: 750 EUR.
    - More than 8 hours: 1 500 EUR.

    Fees for on-site inspections

    Extra fee for additional on-site inspection within the Nordic countries 500 EUR per visit.
    On-site inspection outside the Nordic region, but within Europe***) 1 500 EUR per visit.
    On-site inspections outside Europe***) 2 500 EUR per visit.

    Euro rate: The exchange rate of the first day of the year is used to convert amounts in Euro to national currency.

    *) Micro enterprises are charged half the fee. A micro enterprise, according to our definition, is a company with a maximum of 10 employees and with a total turnover of 2 million EUR (including both ecolabelled and non-ecolabelled products).

    **) Corporations pay only one licence fee.

    ***) There is an extra fee of 1 000 EUR per day if the inspection takes more than one day.

    The recipient is liable for the VAT according to article 56 of the Council Directive 2006/112/EC.

  • Information on the latest version of the criteria for remanufactured OEM toner cartridges

    5.5 ⇛ 5.6: Prolongation of criteria

    The validity of the criteria has been extended with 24 months. At the same time, an adjustment was made regarding titanium dioxide in requirement K3. The new version, 5.6, is valid until December 31, 2024.

    5.4 ⇛ 5.5: Alterationtion of criteria

    Requirements R11, R13 and R24 have been clearified, R2, R6 and R16 have been updated, whilst R8 and R25 were removed from the criteria. The new version, 5.5, is valid until December 31st, 2022.

    5.3 ⇛ 5.4: Prolongation of criteria

    Requirement R23: The requirement on Take-back system has been removed. Furthermore the criteria has been prolonged with 36 months. The new version, 5.4, is valid until December 31st, 2022.

    5.2 ⇛ 5.3: Alteration and prolongation of criteria

    The criteria has been prolonged. The new version,5.3, is valid until December 31st, 2019

    5.1 ⇛ 5.2: Alteration and prolongation of criteria

    • Requirement R6: An alternative method to analyse toner powder (Blaue Engel RAL-UZ 177) was introduced.
    • Some minor editorial changes have been made.
    • The requirement for marketing (in R25) was removed.

    The new version, 5.2, is valid until June 30th, 2018.

    5.0 ⇛ 5.1: Alteration of criteria

    Alterations have been introduced in requirements R6, R14, R15 and R16.

    The new version of the criteria, 5.1, is valid until June 30th, 2016.

  • In order to use the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in your marketing, you must have a valid Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence. Please log in to The Nordic Ecolabelling Portal to apply for a licence. You are free to use the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in all of your marketing from the date of approval until your licence expires.

    Go to The Nordic Ecolabelling Portal and start your application process! If this is the first time you apply, please contact to receive login information for the Portal.

    Start by going through the requirements and fees that apply to your specific product group. These can be found above.

    In some cases, you must use our separate application form. For example, the form must be used in cases where the producer and licensee are two separate companies, or if you wish to cancel a licence. Please contact your advisor in these cases, or if you are unsure what applies to you. The form to be used in these special cases can be downloaded here.

    For more details on the application process, please head to our application guide: "Application step by step".

    Good luck with your application!

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