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A Nordic Ecolabelled cleaning service provider offers its customers environmentally-friendly cleaning. The Nordic Ecolabelled cleaning service has a low consumption of chemicals and uses a high proportion of environmentally-friendly chemicals. The environmental impacts of greenhouse gases is minimised by means of stringent requirements as to transport and the use of refuse bags. All this is combined with high cleaning quality and well trained staff.

  • Fees valid from 1 January 2019

    The criteria document for cleaning services is an overall document for the commodity groups:

    • Cleaning service
    • Window cleaning

    Fees are charged per commodity group according to the price list below with the exception of application/renewal fees when an application is made for both commodity groups at the same time.

    Application fee

    Type of fee  Amount
    Application fee including one on-site inspection 30 000 SEK excl. VAT
    Extra fee for additional on-site inspection 5 000 SEK excl. VAT per visit
    Renewal fee 15 000 SEK excl. VAT
    Extension/alteration of existing licence The fee is based on how long it takes to handle the matter:
    - Less than 4 hours: 3 750 SEK exkl. VAT
    - Between 4 and 8 hours: 7 500 SEK excl. VAT
    - More than 8 hours: 15 000 SEK excl. VAT
    Annual licence fee in Sweden 0,15% up to 100 000 SEK which equals 67 million SEK in turnover.
    0,05% on amounts exceeding 67 million SEK.
    Minimum fee for Sweden 20 000 SEK excl. VAT annually
    Maximum fee for Sweden 630 000 SEK excl. VAT annually


  • Information on the latest version of the criteria for cleaning services

    3.2 ⇛ 3.3: Prolongation of validity of criteria

    Nordic Ecolabelling has decided to prolong the validity of the criteria by 6 months. The new version, 3.3, is valid until 31 December 2023.

    3.1 ⇛ 3.2: Adjustment and prologation of the validity of the criteria

    Adjustment of requirement O7 Exceptions for detergents with hydrogen peroxide has been made. In addition, the period of validity of the criteria has been prolonged with 18 months. The new version 3.2 is valid until 30 June 2023.

    3.0 ⇛ 3.1: Adjustment of criteria

    Adjustments of requirement P7, on cloths and mops, has been adopted on May 24th 2017. Corrections of Appedices 1, 4 and 6 have also been made. The new version, 3.1, is valid until December 31th 2021.

    3.0: New criteria generation

    New criteria for Nordic Swan Ecolabelled Cleaning Services were decided on November 9th 2016. The new version, 3.0, is valid until December 31th 2021.

  • We are so happy you decided to send in an application for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel!

    During the application process, you will send in documentation that proves that your service can successfully meet each of Nordic Ecolabelling’s requirements for cleaning services. The person applying for a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence is responsible for obtaining, filling out forms and uploading the documentation in our folder system. But you will not be alone in this process. An advisor from Ecolabelling Sweden will help you through the whole application process.

    How long does it take to get the licence?

    Be well in advance with your application, preferably at least 6 months before you wish to receive your licence from us. If you have never had a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence before, it is advisory to plan for an even longer application process, and we recommend that you contact us for a joint planning of the process.

    Here's how you apply for a Nordic Ecolabel licence

    1. Read carefully the Criteria for Cleaning Services and our Rules.
    2. Start collecting the required documents.
    3. Make sure all requirements in the Criteria are met.
    4. Submit the application form.
    5. Download and unpack the Application Package.
    6. Fill in the calculation sheet and insert all the documents in the application package.
    7. When you are done, send the Application Package electronically to your assigned advisor at Ecolabelling Sweden.
    8. The material is reviewed by the advisor at Ecolabelling Sweden.
    9. Control visits are carried out. Make sure to notify your advisor at Ecolabelling Sweden in good time so that time can be planned to check the application and book inspection visits.
    10. Your application is reviewed by another employee at Ecolabelling Sweden. If everything is in order, you get your Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence with your own licence number. (The licence number makes it possible to identify the service and is a guarantee that you have a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence).
    11. You then have the right to use the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in your marketing of your service as long as the licence is valid.
    12. You are now responsible for ensuring that you continue to live up to the Nordic Ecolabelling requirements and Ecolabelling Sweden will help you in doing so by regular follow-ups.

    Support from your advisor

    Your advisor will, to the extent of time, answer all questions you have and help and support you as much as possible throughout the application process. So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns about applying for a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence.

    We wish you luck with your application and, most importantly, your work towards a more sustainable world!

    For more information: "Application step by step"

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