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Chemical building products 097

The Nordic Ecolabel is an official ecolabel with absolute requirements within the areas of environment, health and quality. A Nordic Ecolabelled chemical building product will be amongst the least environmentally impacting products in its group and the Nordic Ecolabel indicates that the product fulfils strict environmental requirements.

The requirements imposed in the criteria document are based on an assessment of the life cycle of the product and requirements are imposed on raw materials, production, use, performance and waste. The lower impact of chemical building products on health and the environment is achieved by means of a reduced use of chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment and lower emissions to air and water.

There are 815 Ecolabelled products from 18 companies within productgroup.
  • Only one maximum fee:

    Licensee who have a licence for both "Outdoor paint and varnish" and "Indoor paint and varnish" (own product group) can count the sales for both product groups and pay one licence fee. This avoids having to pay more than one maximum fee. However, sales must be reported separately for each licence.

    "Chemical building products" is the collective term for the commodity groups:

    • Outdoor paints and varnishes
    • Adhesive, sealants and fillers/screed
    • Paints and varnishes for industrial applications
    • Impregnating agents for tiles, stone and concrete
    • Anti-corrosion paint for industry and infrastructure

    Fees are charged per product group according to the list below:

    Fees valid from January 1st, 2019 until further notice

    Application fee:

    Application fee including one on-site inspection within the Nordic region *) 30 000 SEK excl. VAT. Inspection of eight recipes is included in the application fee. For inspection of aditional recipes, 3 750 SEK excl. VAT per recipe will be charged.
    Renewal fee *) 15 000 SEK excl. VAT. Inspection of eight recipes is included in the fee. For inspection of aditional recipes, 1 875 SEK excl. VAT per recipe will be charged.

    Annual licence fee:

    Annual Nordic licence fee**) 0,3 % of the licence's annual turnover in the Nordic countries, excl. VAT
    Minimum fee for the Nordic countries 2 000 EUR annually excl. VAT
    Maximum fee for the Nordic countries 100 000 EUR annually excl. VAT
    Annual licence fee outside the Nordic countries (for licence holders with a turnover of more than 300 000 EUR of Nordic Swan ecolabelled products, sold outside the Nordic countries) 2 000 EUR annually excl. VAT

    If the Nordic Swan ecolabelled products are only sold outside the Nordic countries, a minimum fee is always charged.

    Fee for extensions/alterations of licence:

    Extension/alteration of existing licence Should the extension regard inspection of recipes, which are not already included in the licence, 3 750 SEK excl. VAT will be charged per recipe.

    Other types of alterations will be charged according to how long it takes to deal with the matter:
    - Less than 4 hours: 3 750 SEK excl. VAT
    - Between 4 and 8 hours: 7 500 SEK excl. VAT
    - More than 8 hours: 15 000 SEK excl. VAT

    Fees for on-site inspections:

    Extra fee for additional on-site inspection within the Nordic countries 5 000 SEK excl. VAT per visit
    On-site inspection outside the Nordic region, but within Europe***) 15 000 SEK excl. VAT per visit
    On-site inspections outside Europe***) 25 000 SEK excl. VAT per visit

    Euro rate: The exchange rate of the first day of the year is used to convert amounts in Euro to national currency:

    *) Micro enterprises are charged half the fee. A micro enterprise, according to our definition, is a company with a maximum of 10 employees and with a total turnover of €2 000 000 (including both ecolabelled and non-ecolabelled products).

    **) Corporations pay only one licence fee

    ***) There is an extra fee of 1 000 EUR per day if the inspection takes more than one day.

  • Information on the latest version of the criteria for chemical building products

    2.15 ⇛ 2.16: Adjustment of criteria

    Adjustment of requirement O11 Nanoparticles and permission to use synthesized calcium carbonate. In addition, the product definition "Impregnating agent for Tiles, Stone and Concrete" has been harmonized with the criteria for outdoor furniture and playground equipment. The new version is called 2.16.

    2.14 ⇛ 2.15: Prolongation of the validity of the criteria

    The criteria have been prolonged with 24 months and updated by harmonizing the reclassification of MIT with the Nordic Ecolabelling requirements for preservatives and the applicable exemption for the dispersant trimethylolpropane (TMP). The new version is called 2.15 and is valid until 30 June 2023.

    2.13 ⇛ 2.14: Adjustment of criteria

    An adjustment of requirements O4 Environmentally hazardous substances and O5 Preservatives has been made to comply with the criteria for Indoor paint. The new version is called 2.14.

    2.12 ⇛ 2.13: Expansion of criteria

    The criteria have been expanded with impregnating agents for tile, stone and concrete. What can carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and O5 Preservatives have been adjusted. New sections for product-specific requirements (section 2.6) have been added. The new version is called 2.13.

    2.11 ⇛ 2.12: Expansion and alteration of criteria

    The criteria have been expanded with multipurpose adhesives/construction adhesives. What can carry the Nordic Ecolabel, O2 classification of product and product-specific adhesive requirements (section 2.1) have been adjusted. The VOC ban of wallpaper paste was deleted in O13 at the same time. The new version is called 2.12.

    2.10 ⇛ 2.11: Alteration and prolongation of criteria

    Requirement O32 Take-back system has been removed. Furthermore an adjustment was made in requirement O21, Quality requirements for fillers, to allow an alternative test method for fillers. Requirement O6 Formaldehyde has been harmonized with the criteria for indoor paints. The criteria has been prolonged until 30 June 2021.The new version is called 2.11.

    2.9 ⇛ 2.10: Alteration of criteria

    An adjustment was made in requirement O3 Classification of constituent chemical substances to allow that raw materials classify with STOT SE 2 or STOT RE 2. The new version is called 2.10.

    2.8 ⇛ 2.9: Alteration of criteria

    An adjustment was made in requirement O7, residual monomers in polymers. The new version is called 2.9.

    2.7 ⇛ 2.8: Alteration of criteria

    • Exemptions in requirement O3 and O12 regarding driers were included.
    • Several exemptions were removed from O3 and classification with acute tox was deleted from the list of residual monomers in polymers that can not be present in 100 ppm in O7.
    • Prohibition of metal packaging for pacs of less than 1 liter was deleted.

    The new version is called 2.8.

    2.6 ⇛ 2.7: Alteration of criteria

    • Exemptions regarding driers were introduced in requirements O3 and O12.

    The new version, 2.7, is valid until March 31st 2019.

    2.5 ⇛ 2.6: Alteration of criteria

    An exemption for polymerized vinylchloride has been introduced in requirement O12. The new version, 2.6, is valid until March 31st 2019.

    2.4 ⇛ 2.5: Alteration of criteria

    Exemptions regarding glyoxal, sodium nitrite and neutralizing agents have been introduced in requirement O3. The new version, 2.5, is valid until March 31st 2019.

    2.3 ⇛ 2.4: Alteration of criteria

    • Requirement O4 has been eased.
    • A change has been made to requirement O7.
    • Adjustments have been made in the section "What can carry the Nordic Ecolabel?", requirements O2O3O4O6O8O11O18O21O23O24appendix 1 and appendix 2.

    The new version, 2.4, is valid until March 31st, 2019.

    2.2 ⇛ 2.3: Alteration of criteria

    • Exceptions have been introduced in requirements O2 and O4.
    • The text in Table 5 has been made clearer.
    • Requirement O7 has been adjusted.

    The new version, 2.3, is valid until March 31st 2019.

    2.1 ⇛ 2.2: Alteration of criteria

    • Requirement O3 regarding driers has been changed.
    • Requirement O41, regarding marketing, has been removed.

    The new version, 2.2, is valid until March 31st 2019.

    2.0 ⇛ 2.1: Alteration of criteria

    • O3: A change in requirement O3 regarding construction adhesives has been made. The new version, 2.1, is valid until March 31st 2019.

    1.7 ⇛ 1.8: Alteration of criteria

    • R2 has been updated with an exception for "In can" conservation regarding the risk phrase for allergy.
  • We are so happy you decided to send in an application for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel!

    The application process starts by you downloading the application form and filling it in. You then send it to Ecolabelling Sweden.

    We will register your application and send you a confirmation. You will also be assigned an advisor who will help you through the application process.

    During this process, you will send in documentation that proves that your product can successfully meet each of Nordic Ecolabelling’s requirements for your specific product group.

    The application consists of these parts:

    • Completed application form
    • Documentation Overview
    • Documentation showing fulfilment of all requirements according to the criteria document

    Once your product has been approved – not before, you have the right to use the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in all your marketing as long as your licence is valid.

    We wish you luck with your application and, most importantly, your work towards a more sustainable world!

    For more information: "Application step by step"

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