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Consultation – proposal for revised criteria for Nordic Swan Ecolabelling of Windows and External Doors

Nordic Ecolabelling gives you the opportunity to comment on the proposal for new criteria for Nordic Swan Ecolabelling for Windows and exterior doors. Your comments are important and will be considered by the national Ecolabelling boards and the Nordic Ecolabelling Board. We look forward to your comments, which should be sent to the Nordic Ecolabelling no later than August 29, 2024, to be taken into consideration.

Please find the proposed criteria for download further down on this page.

How can comments be sent in?

We prefer to receive your comments via the consultation form further down on this page. It is also possible to submit your comments to remiss@svanen.se. For further questions, please contact our product specialist Wilma Bäckström Nilsson, +46 8-55 55 24 01

Major changes

Nordic Ecolabelling would like to have comments on the complete criteria set, but would like to highlight the following points:

  • The requirement for thermal transmittance (U-value)
  • The limit values for the metal requirements and
  • The chemical requirements

The most important changes compared to generation 4 are: 

  • Introduction of a common thermal transmittance (U-value) for all wooden windows and doors regardless of impregnation method and removal of the requirement for solar energy transmittance (g-value)
  • Updated and tightened requirements for metals, insulation materials and chemicals
  • Stricter requirements for emissions to air from solvent based impregnation
  • Introduction of a requirement for recycling of window glass into new window glass
  • Introduction of requirements to improve material recycling by end-of-life
  • Introduction of a requirement for a warranty of 20 years against wood rot for windows

Documents for download

Who can provide input?

All enterprises, institutions, or persons interested in the development of the criteria for Nordic Ecolabelling of Windows and exterior doors are entitled to submit comments.

We kindly ask you to spread the information about this consultation to anyone interested in the proposal.

What happens next?

When the public hearing period is complete, the answers will be compiled and evaluated. For this reason, a new revised proposal for criteria will be submitted to the Swedish Ecolabelling Board and the other national committees. On this basis, the Nordic Ecolabelling Board will then decide on new criteria.

Part of the decision document is the summary of all public hearing responses together with answers from Nordic Ecolabelling. The summary will be public and available on the Ecolabelling Sweden’s web page in connection with the publication of the new criteria.

We look forward to receiving your comments no later than August 29, 2024.

Please leave your comments here

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