Manufacturer of Nordic Ecolabelled toner cartridges.

EMBATEX AG, is an Austrian company with experience since 1993 in development and remanufacturing recycling products patent free in its own brand “EMSTAR” for Toner and Inkjet cartridges as well for private labels. We belong to the TOP 5 European remanufacturing companies.

Major competences
* Research and Development for Toner cartridges respectful with environment and free of harmful substances.
* Participation in the ISO and DIN standard committee process for Toner Laser and Inkjet cartridges.
* Cartridge Production for Printer fleet optimization: Maximum print range, Minimum alert rate, minimum footprint.
* Assistance in the product field, like for example „Free Hotline“, project support in sales department and training
* Production for OEM’S and private label customers
* Collecting programme for empty Inkjet-and Toner cartridges
* MPS Software with service Hotline
* We Export in more than 70 countries, a 76% of the global turnover

Certificates, Eco Labels and Green Awards
* Nordic Swan
* EN ISO 9001
* EN ISO 14001
* EMAS Environment certificate
* TRIGOS2009
* ITALIAN CSR AWARD 2012 & 2013
* DIN 33870-1 & 33870-2 for Toner cartridges
* DIN 33871-1 for Inkjet – cartridges
* ÖUZ (Austrian Environment Certificate)
* Blue Angel (ECO brand for the environment)
* LGA tested for harmful substances

In order to maintain our Ecological Quality and the Market Ecological Requirements, Embatex AG, participates active in the ISO and DIN standard process and is subject to regular internal and external audits.

Due to our QR Code label on the packaging the “End User” gets an online customer report of each product in fulfilments with the ISO and DIN Standards.

License number 3008 0046
Phone +4342765710699
Address Satellitenstrasse 1 AT-9560 Feldkirchen