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  1. Ecolabelling Sweden’s environmental impact

Ecolabelling Sweden’s environmental impact

We work to continuously reduce our own environmental impact. Therefore, we have a quality and environmental policy. In our purchasing policy, we prioritize the purchase of Nordic Swan Ecolabel and / or EU Ecolabel products.

We employ Nordic Swan Ecolabel cleaning and printing companies, we buy organic food and furnish our office with Nordic Swan Ecolabel furniture etc. In our travel policy, we choose green taxi, travel primarily by train and public transportation, and when this is not possible and we have to go by air, we climate compensate for these trips.

We also have a working environment policy and a policy against harassment.


The company's own sustainability goals

Ecolabelling Sweden's owner, the state, and those around us, regard the result of the company's work as the primary area to set sustainability goals for. The Board of Ecolabelling Sweden has therefore decided that the following three overall sustainability goals shall apply for the period 2017–2019.

  • The Deal: 25 + 25 – Ecolabelled (Nordic Swan Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel) products shall be sold on the Swedish market to a value of SEK 25 billion each year, and ecolabelled services shall render Ecolabelling Sweden an annual licence revenue of SEK 25 million.
  • The Planet: 50 – Half of our product groups shall be successful, well-established, economically and environmentally efficient.
  • The Human Being: 10 – Our stakeholders' satisfaction during the period will be 10% according to our customer survey.
Ecolabelling Sweden has decided on three overall sustainability goals to show the results of the company's work.