We have so many things to tell about our Ecolabels. But we will try to be short here! The most important fact is that 98 % av the Swedish people recognize our Ecolabel, and know it to be an Ecolabel for products and services. And many have a high opinion of the work we are doing. A better recognition is difficult to achieve, and we are very proud of this.

The Nordic Ecolabel, what is that?

The Nordic Ecolabel is the official Nordic Ecolabel for all 5 Nordic countries. It is a voluntary, positive ecolabel for products and services. We judge a product´s environmental impact through a life-cycle analysis. We have stringent environmental, climate, quality, health and function criteria, We continually revise our criteria to achieve our goal of a sustainable society.

The Nordic Ecolabel vision

Our vision is a sustainable society and our mission is to contribute to a sustainable consumerism. 

What can be Nordic Ecolabelled?

Over 200 different kinds of products can be awarded the Nordic Ecolabel. 

How many Nordic Ecolabel/EU Ecolabel licences are there in Sweden? 

1 300 Nordic Ecolabel licences have been issued in Sweden alone (almost 2000 in all the Nordic countries). There are over 10,000 Nordic Ecolabelled products in the Nordic region..

EU Ecolabel – what is that?

EU Ecolabel is EU´s official Ecolabel that was initiated by the EU Commission in 1992. It was known earlier as the EU Flower.The EU Ecolabel works in the same manner as the Nordic Ecolabel with criteria for 28 groups.

About Ecolabelling Sweden AB

Ecolabelling Sweden AB has the administrative responsibility for both the Nordic Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel in Sweden. It issues licences, develops together with the other Nordic secretariats criteria, and does controls. It works on consignment from the Swedish government on a non-profit basis without any branch affiliations.