There is a growing environmental awareness among companies and organisations around the world. But many seek simple ways to change their environmental impact and need a tool for their own company´s environmental work. This is why we at Ecolabelling Sweden decided to initiate the Network: Buy Ecolabelled. It is open for all companies and organisations who wish to improve their environmental work, regardless of branch or type of company work.

Contribute to a sustainable consumerism

By asking for and buying Ecolabelled products to one’s own office buyers have a unique opportunity to contribute to the development of a sustainable society. The more people buy Nordic Ecolabelled products and services and expand the market for these products and services, the greater the possibility is that even more companies will be interested in applying for a Nordic Ecolabel licence for these products.

By buying Ecolabelled products and not being satisfied with companies who use buzz words like ”green product”, ”environmentally friendly”, ”environmentally aware” you and your company are making an excellent choice for contributing to a sustainable consumerism.

Practical help

As a member in the Network, you will have access to our helpdesk whenever you need advice on Ecolabelled products and services.  We give also practical help with your environmental and purchasing policies. By joining our Network you will have the opportunity of showing your customers and your employees that you take environmental issues seriously. You also are able to use the logo on your business cards, homepage, or other publications related to how you run your business.

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