My Swan Account (MSA)

A new application tool, My Swan Account, has been devloped. In MSA you are asked to describe the nature of your establishment and also to upload documents that proves your description.

From the start, only applicants within the product groups, copy and printing paper, soft tissue paper, printing houses and hotels are granted access to My Swan Account. However, we hope that companies in other product groups soon will be working on their application in the application.

How do I access My Swan Account?

In order to be able to log in, you will require an account and a password. You will receive this by sending your Ecolabelling Sweden contact an email with the following information attached:

  • Name of the company
  • Telephone (switchboard)
  • Licence number
  • Contact person (whom is in charge of your Ecolabelling licence)
  • Email address to contact person
  • Direct telephone or cellular phone number

When you receive your account information, an environmental engineer at Ecolabelling Sweden will contact you and help you get started. Your account in MSA will from the start only be valid for four weeks. After this, you must formally apply for a Nordic Ecolabel licence.

User agreement:

By logging into the system you accept the user agreement. Read the document carefully which also contains information on how to use the system.