Criteria development

Before new criteria are developed, a life-cycle-analysis is made. In most cases we try to develop criteria for products which are sold in a large quantity and used by many people.

All products cannot carry the Nordic Ecolabel. Before a decision is made whether to develop criteria for a specific product or not, a pre-study is conducted. We want to find out if a large environmental issue is connected to the product and if there is a potential room for improvement. We also want to find out whether an Ecolabel can contribute to the development of products with a lower environmental impact.

The Nordic countries develop environmental standards in a joint venture. In Sweden, the Swedish Ecolabelling board decides what Sweden's stand in the process should be. It is then up to the Nordic Ecolabelling board to decide what criteria should be valid in the Nordic region.

The criteria are gradually made more strict

The criteira are revised on a gradual basis. They are evaluated and re-written due to new knowledge, technical advancements, expertise and experience. Thereafter they are sent out on an open hearing.

When the criteria are adjusted, all companies with Ecolabelled products must re-apply in order to keep the Nordic Ecolabel on their products and also show that their products fulfil also the new requirements. By gradually making the criteria stricter, the Ecolabelling scheme pushes the development towards a sustainable society forward.