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Proposal for criteria for Nordic Ecolabelling of disposables for food for consultation

Nordic Ecolabelling gives you the opportunity to comment on our criteria draft for ecolabelling of disposables for food. Your comments are important when the proposal will be considered by the Swedish Ecolabelling Board and subsequently by the Nordic Ecolabelling Board.

We look forward to your comments, which should be sent to Ecolabelling Sweden no later than March 10th 2017 to be taken into consideration.

The most important changes in the revised criteria are:

  • The product group definition has been updated with a reference to the EU Regulation 1169/2011 for definition of «prepacked» food.
  • There are nominal limits for some requirements and less comprehensive requirements for individual packaging (e.g. paper around chop sticks) to make the documentation easier for materials that in total constitute a low percentage by weight of the product.
  • The criteria suggest to allow labelling of products made of recycled plastic. Recycled pulp/paper/board is still forbidden.
  • There are new reference values and requirement limits for energy, CO2 and emissions to air and water for coffee filter, paperboard, kraft liner and fluting.
  • There is a new requirement to ingoing substances in chemical products like adhesive and colourings used in the production (converting process) of the disposable article.
  • There is a new requirement to residual monomers classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic to reproduction in plastic.
  • The energy requirement to bio-based polymers can also be documented with a certification according to ISO 50001.
  • The waste handling requirements are changed so that the requirements promote products that are possible to material recycle. The consequence of this is that it is not possible to label plastic products, including plastic products made of compostable/degradable plastic, that cannot be material recycled in today's waste handling systems. By this, Nordic Ecolabelling wants to contribute to the circular economy and considers this especially important in a product group generating a lot of waste.
  • Nordic Ecolabelling still have a requirement stating that a high percentage of the product should be bio-based. For bio-based plastic Nordic Ecolabelling suggests not to approve the use of the mass balance method (mixing fossil and renewable raw materials). Nordic Ecolabelling considers it important with full traceability on the renewable raw materials so that the final product actually is bio-based.

Nordic Ecolabelling would like to have comments on the complete criteria set, but would like to highlight the following points:

  • To allow recycled plastic.
  • The waste requirements.
  • The requirement to full traceability on the renewable raw materials in bio-based plastic.

Download the proposed criteria (Norwegian)

Download the proposed criteria (English)

Background to the proposal (Norwegian)

Background to the proposal (English)

Who may comment?

All persons, companies (both producers and suppliers) and industry institutions that are interested in the criteria for Nordic Ecolabelling of Construction panels may comment on the proposal. We would be grateful, if you could make sure the content of this email is forwarded to those who may be interested.

We look forward to receiving your comments no later than March 10th, 2017, preferably through the form below or by email to Ann Strömberg, the Swedish contact person for the consultation: ann.stromberg@svanen.se. Please note that your comments will be made public on our website www.ecolabel.se.


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Disposables for food Disposables for food