What is EU Ecolabel?

The EU Ecolabel was previously named the EU Flower. The EU Commission decided in 1992 to initiate the EU Ecolabel. You can find the EU Ecolabel on a number of products. Click the film above to see if there are any that suit your needs.

The criteria requirements are decided upon by responsible bodies in the EU: s member countries and the work is done on consignment from the EU Commission. Ecolabelling Sweden administers the EU Ecolabel in Sweden on consignment from the Swedish government. Since the Nordic Ecolabel is so well-established in Sweden there are not many EU Ecolabelled products on the Swedish market. Other European countries have more products available.

As a Swedish consumer there are some areas where you can look for an EU Ecolabelled product or service. These are for example for textiles, paints and shoes. There are also EU Ecolabelled camping sites in Sweden.
In the European Green Store you will find a list of companies awarded the EU Ecolabel for their products and services.

For more information on the different product categories and the EU Ecolabel, please visit the official EU Ecolabel website: www.ecolabel.eu


EU Ecolabel
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