Fees for Nordic Ecolabel

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National fees

Nordic fees

Alternative dry cleaning Audiovisual equipment
Cleaning agents for use in the food industry Batteries, primary
Cleaning services Biofuel pellets
Closed toilet systems Candles
Coffee filters Car and boat care products
Compost bins Chemical building products
De-icers Cleaning products
Dishwasher detergents Computers
Durable wood, alternative to conventionally impregnated wood Copy and printing paper
Grease-proof papers Cosmetic products
Hotels and youth hostels Dishwasher detergents for professional use
Indoor paints and varnishes Dishwashers
Industrial cleaning and degreasing agents Disposable bags, tubes and accessories for health care
Laundries / textile services Disposables for food
Paper envelopes Fabric cleaning products containing microfibres
Photographic development services Filmforming floor care products
Printing companies Floor coverings
Restaurants Fuel
Sanitary products Furniture and fitments
Small houses, apartment buildings and pre-school buildings Hand dishwash detergents
Solid biofuel boilers Heat pumps
Supermarket grocery stores Imaging equipment
Vehicle wash installations Laundry detergents and stain removers
Windows and exterior doors Laundry detergents for professional use
  Machines for parks and gardens
Office and hobby supplies
  Outdoor furniture and playground equipment
  Panels for the building, decorating and furniture industry
  Rechargeable batteries and battery chargers
  Refrigerators and freezers
Textiles, skins and leather
  Tissue paper
  Toner cartridges
Vehicle tyres
Washing machines