Hotels & hostels

Nordic Ecolabelled hotels have met stringent criteria. There are over 250 Nordic Ecolabelled hotels in Sweden, among them the well-known hotel chains Scandic, Best Western, and Svenska Möten.

Alot of work is done behind the scenes at Nordic Ecolabelled hotels. They have environmental measures that include reducing their energy and water usage, using less chemicals when they clean the hotel, and having organic choices on their menus. In this way these hotels are working to reduce both climate and environmental effects. They also recycle and buy Ecolabelled products to their hotel.

We are proud that over 200 hotels have chosen to be Nordic Ecolabelled in Sweden. If you would like to have more information about how you can apply for a Nordic Ecolabel, please feel free to contact us at +46 8 555 52400 or send us an email to