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  • The world's first Nordic Swan Ecolabelled funds
    The official Nordic ecolabel, the Nordic Swan, can now present the first ecolabelled funds. This means that SEK 30 billions SEK is subject to tough demands.
  • The criteria for Nordic Swan Ecolabelled funds have been released
    The product criteria for Nordic Swan Ecolabelled funds have been released after two years of extensive work. The first Nordic Ecolabelled Funds are expected in October 2017.
  • The Nordic Swan Ecolabel at World Circular Economy Forum
    The Nordic Swan Ecolabel spoke at World Circular Economy Forum, 5-6 June in Helsinki.
  • Sustainable shoes from Kavat on EU Green Week
    Sustainable fashion is on the move. This spring, we have seen a rise in number of licences, owned by fashion brands. Kavat, a well-reputed Swedish shoe brand, has worked with sustainability for a long time and a number of their models are EU Ecolabelled. As the only Swedish company, they have now been...
  • Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017
    Isko™, premium denim producer in Turkey was highlighting green young design in the Denim Design Award during the Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2017.
  • ”Coffee to go” – in Nordic Ecolabelled disposable cups
    It is now possible to get your morning coffee in a Nordic Ecolabelled coffe cup. The Finnish company Huhtamäki Foodservice Nordic, distributes coffee cups to a number of large coffee shops and their cups are the first to qualify for a Nordic Ecolabel.
  • Sustainability lacking in public procurement
    All too often, public funds are used to purchase goods and services that are selected without regard for environmental or social responsibility. In Europe, the new EU Public Procurement Directive offers governments an opportunity to tighten legislation surrounding sustainable procurement, and for buye...
  • More cooperation between the Nordic Swan and the Blue Angel
    We are always looking to deepen our cooperation with other Type 1 ecolabels in the world. In January we traveled to Berlin to meet our Blue Angel friends to discuss more possibilities for cooperation. The focus at this meeting was on an increased harmonization between us on the criteria for office mac...
  • Nordic Ecolabel to develop criteria for equity funds
    The Nordic Ecolabelling Board has decided to develop criteria for equity funds. This is a challenge for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which in 25 years has gone from ecolabelling detergent to apartment buildings and now investigates if equity funds being Nordic Ecolabelled can be a potential for environme...
  • Major gains to attain with Nordic Swan Ecolabelled Coffee services
    For the first time in the world there are Nordic Swan Ecolabelled coffee services. People will now have the chance to drink coffee that is certified with several sustainability labels.