First ecolabelled trendy handbag comes from Brazil


Brasilian company Naturals fashion has obtained the EU Ecolabel for their trendy handbags, made of 100% recycled materials. Ragged clothes, paper waste and plastic bottles are given new life and the labor-intensive production provides work opportunities and a better life for poor people.

 Naturals fashion is aiming for the European market, as the eco-fashion in Brazil is in its infancy:
“We chose to apply for the EU Ecolabel as it is a brand that is recognized throughout Europe and we can now offer the first EU Ecolabelled branded fashion bag”, says Albert Peçanha, Sales Manager at Naturals fashion.

Naturals Fashion“Our aim is to run a company that also provides social and environmental benefits. We are struggling to get our fashion industry to join us in our work. We manufacture the bags of recycled cotton and polyester, and support fair trade with for example rubber and seeds from the Amazon”, says Albert Peçanha, Sales Manager at Naturals fashion.

“It's a very exciting  small company that invests in sustainable production. This is a player that will appeal to modern and aware consumers, I wish them all the best”, says Ulf Eriksson, head of textiles at Ecolabelling Sweden.

With factories situated in São Paulo and Santa Catarina, Naturals Fashion provides employment for many low-income people, as the work to sort recycled clothing and textiles for color is done by hand. No dyes or chemicals used in the production, and when the recovered textiles are being decomposed, the color shifts disappear and new colors are created. Obviously, the factory has no waste - everything is recycled.

“Final finish and design is made here in Rio de Janeiro by Ana Christina, our designer and fashion soul of our micro enterprises”, says Alberto.

Naturals Fashion fabrik

“I want to to create something beautiful and useful helping people being ecofriendly in their way of life”, says  Ana Christina.

Alberto says that environmental issues often get sidelined for other important topics such as corruption, health and education in Brazil. The environmental debate often involves deforestation and the threat to indigenous peoples and animals. As for recycling, it's mostly paper, metal and textile fibers recovered. The municipality offers no good options for consumers, those initiatives are most taken by companies:
“In Rio, where I live, I take what I want to recycle with me down to Walmart Supermarket, which is near where I live”, says Alberto.

The bags will be sold in webshops, so keep an eye on the website for updated information later this year

See a film from production in factories Ecosimple.