First Nordic Ecolabelled air heat pump on the market


IVT heat pumps from Sweden are the first to launch an Nordic Ecolabelled air-air heat pump. The heat pump is adapted to the Nordic climate.

First Nordic Ecolabelled air heat pumpIt is available in Sweden and Finland and will also become available in Denmark and Norway. This means that the environmentally conscious house owner now can choose a heat pump that is both climate friendly and efficient. Nordic Ecolabelling confirms that

A heat pump can be a good basis for lowering the emissions of greenhouse gases from the heating of houses. But it has to be efficient and produced in an environmentally correct way.

- What’s unique about a Nordic Ecolabelled heat pump is that it has to be efficient all year around and also adapted to the climate zone you live in. That way you save as much electricity as possible and therefore money too, says Gun Nycander, business area manager for construction and energy at Nordic Ecolabelling in Sweden.

IVT heat pumps is so far the only producer to offer ecolabelled heat pumps. They already produce Nordic Ecolabelled rock, ground and sea heat pumps. Now they are taking the next step by ecolabelling air-air heat pumps in their Nordic Inverter range, developed specifically for the Nordic climate.

– We are extremely happy to have another one of our heat pumps Ecolabelled with the Nordic Ecolabel. We want to work with sustainable production in everything we do, and our goal is to fulfil the strictest environmental standards on the market. This has now been confirmed by Nordic Ecolabelling as an independent third party, says Mats Larsson, product manager at IVT heat pumps.

Other Nordic Ecolabelling requirements
The most important thing is that the heatpump is efficient and that it follows strict environmental standards in production. Nordic Ecolabelling also ensures that the producer always provides the consumer with sufficient information and helps them to install the pump in the most effective way. The heat pump should be of high quality and the construction has to be air tight to prevent leakage of gases harmful to the environment.

The following heat pumps now have the Nordic Ecolabel:
Air-air heat pump for climate zones 1 and 2 in the Nordics:
IVT Nordic Inverter 09 FR-N, 12 FR-N, 12 GR-N

Rock heat pumps for climate zones 1-3 in the Nordics and in the rest of Europe:
IVT Greenline HT Plus C6, C7, C9, C11, E6, E7, E9, E11, E14, E17 och IVT Greenline C6, C7, C9

About Nordic Ecolabelling
Nordic Ecolabelling is the official ecolabelling for the Nordic countries and its vision is a sustainable society with sustainable consumption. Ecolabelling Sweden runs these activities on commission from the government. Ecolabelling Sweden is also responsible for the official EU Ecolabel. Operations are independent of any industry or profit interests. All products with the Nordic Ecolabel can be found on

For more information please contact:
Mats Larsson, product manager, IVT heat pumps,
+46 705-43 43 18

Anja Grundberg, press officer, Ecolabelling Sweden,
+46 708-65 51 36

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First Nordic Ecolabelled air heat pump