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If more companies and organisations decide to work proactively for a sustainable consumerism, the greater the movement will be towards a sustainable society. We encourage companies to join our Network: Buy Ecolabelled, and become part of a growing network who want to make a difference.

Membership in Network: Buy Ecolabelled - step by step 

  1. Write an environmental or purchasing policy (ies). These shall cover the company´s office areas, and not what the company produces.
  2. Email them to Ecolabelling Sweden at together with the name of the company´s contact person, titel, telephone and email address.
    If you require more assistance in writing these policies, please contact Elsa Levinson, telephone +46 8 55 55 24 54,
  3. Fill out an application form and sign, and return to Ecolabelling Sweden, PO Box 38114, 100 64 Stockholm.
  4. Ecolabelling Sweden will review and approve your policies.
  5. You will be sent an invoice for your yearly membership. 
  6. When the invoice is paid, your company will be listed on our membership homepage. You will also be required to submit your company logo, and Ecolabelling Sweden will send you a digital Network: Buy Ecolabelled logo as proof of your membership. You can also use our Offers page to give other members in the Network discounts on your products and services.
  7. At year´s end, we request a list of the Ecolabelled products and services your company has purchased during the year

What does it cost per year?

Number of employeesPrice/year
1 – 9 5 000 SEK
More than 10 10 000 SEK
NGOs, schools, daycare centers, public institutions 500 SEK
Companies with a Nordic Ecolabel license 500 SEK
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