Show your good environmental work!

Network: Buy Ecolabelled is open to all companies and organisations that wish to contribute to a better environment, regardless of branch. Our logotype is proof of our members environmental work. Membership is given on an annual basis.

Use of logo

All members may freely use the logotype Network: Buy Ecolabelled to show their environmental work when buying Ecolabelled office products and services related to the operation of their company/organisation. The logo may be shown on their homepage, in publications, or in related areas when describing the company’s environmental work.


  • The logotype may only be used the year membership is approved. 
  • The logotype may not be used in such a manner that it can be interpreted that the company has a Nordic Ecolabel licence. 
  • Companies that sell products that are eligible for a Nordic Ecolabel licence must apply for this licence and be approved before applying for membership in the Network: Buy Ecolabelled.