The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a world-leading environmental label with high awareness and credibility. 96 % of the Swedish population recognize this label as an environmental label (Market research company YouGov 2013). Strong brands are created through consequence and clarity. They have clear and attractive offers – a strong promise. And they keep what they promise.

We at Ecolabelling Sweden have made a promise to our customers:

We promise our customers the right to use one of the market´s strongest labels, access to a broad and competent environmental competence as well as becoming a member in the Nordic countries largest environmental networks.

Our business idea is to offer companies an easy and credible way to use  the ”environment” as a competitive edge. We are convinced that the power of our trademark can enhance a company’s own marketing, and in a credible manner show that a company also is working for a sustainable society. And even give an increased market value for its own trademark.

Who can carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel?
A product must fulfil the criteria requirements for its products group in order to use the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Each product group has its own criteria list. Before a product receives a licence we at the Nordic Ecolabel control that criteria are fulfilled. We do this by visits, documentation and test results from independent laboratories. If the licence is approaved, the company may market this product with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. 

When a company receives a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence it may use our label on all products that have received this licence.

Our Nordic Swan Ecolabel may be used in all marketing of the licenced product. It can be shown on TV ads, DM, print ads, homepages, brochures, posters, PPT presentations, etc.

There is a constant market noise. New products are launched, many companies design their own environmental labels. In this “jungle” of competitive messaging many consumers find it difficult to analyse a company’s product from environmental and sustainability perspectives.

Therefore it is good to know what the Nordic Swan Ecolabel stands for:

  • The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official Nordic Ecolabel 
  • The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has stringent environmental criteria 
  • The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has stringent quality and functional criteria 
  • The Nordic Swan Ecolabel revises its criteria on a regular basis 
  • Nordic Swan Ecolabelled products have fulfilled stringent criteria and are approved and third-party controlled.
  • Nordic Swan Ecolabelled products contribute to a sustainable consumption and a sustainable society.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel has climate criteria for most of its 65 product groups.

We work with you

For us it is important that you receive the most value from your Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence. We seek therefore a close cooperation with our customers in planning marketing and PR activities. We know that our Nordic Swan Ecolabel can be of great value in strengthening a company’s own trademark. And with the ever growing attention to climate and environmental issues, a Nordic Swan Ecolabel included in your marketing campaigns for your Ecolabelled products can be of great value – use it! 

Rules for usage

Regulations for Nordic Ecolabelling of products

Guidelines for using the Nordic Swan Ecolabel


Feel free to contact us at the PR and Communications department at Ecolabelling Sweden