How much does it cost to Ecolabel your product?

In most cases you will be charged two fees when applying for a Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the application fee, a one-time fee which will cover both the handling of your application as well as an on-site inspection. Once your product has been awarded a Nordic Swan Ecolabel license, you will be charged an annual license fee, which is based on the annual turnover of your product.

When applying for a license for the first time:

In connection with a company applies for a Nordic Swan Ecolabel license, an application fee will be charged. It is a one-time fee and will cover the handling of the application, a review of the documentation enclosed with the application and an on-site audit (within the Nordic countries) which will be performed prior to the license being granted.

The application fee may vary between different product groups, depending on how many products/recipes are included in the application.

Application valid for 12 months

Should the applying company not actively work on their application, Ecolabelling Sweden reserves the right to, after a period of 12 months, reject the application. The application fee will not be reimbursed.

Annual license fee

Once the license has been granted, an annual license fee based on the ecolabelled product's annual turnover, will be charged. This fee gives you the right to use the Nordic Swan Ecolabel logo on your ecolabelled product and in all your marketing.

Read more about the fees for your specific product group

When applying for having your licence renewed:

When new revised criteria are introduced, usually every four years, all licence holders must renew their licences and show that their products fulfill also the new criteria by sending us a new application along with the proper documentation. A renewal fee will then be charged. Please note that the application for renewal must be sent while the previous version of the criteria is still valid. Should the application reach us after this point, an application fee will be charged instead.

Application valid for 12 months

Ecolabelling Sweden reserves the right to decline the application after 12 months, should the applicant not actively work on its application. The application fee will not be reimbursed.

Other types of fees:

Extension / alteration:

When adding more products to the licence, or when changing the content of the licenced products, you will be charged a fee, which is based on how long it takes to handle the matter.
Read more about the different fees via the link above.

Fee for transferal of licence:

Should you wish to transfer your ecolabelling licence, due to merger or other reasons, 3 500 SEK will be charged for handling the matter. Download the application form here.

Cancellation of licence:

A cancellation notice must be sent in writing, primarily to your contact person at Ecolabelling Sweden and secondarily to We apply a three months' period of notice.

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