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Download Nordic Swan Ecolabel's different logotypes

Here you can download the Nordic Swan Ecolabel logo in different formats. Remember to add the product's personal licence number when branding your Nordic Ecolabelled product with the logo.

All licence numbers now contain 8 digits instead of 6

To ensure that we have enough licence numbers for new licence holders, all existing licence numbers will be changed from 6 to 8 digits. As a licence holder, you do not need to change existing labels until it is amended due in connection with review, for example.

  • The text should follow the shape of the logo. Use semi-bold capital letters of the font Helvetica.
  • The licence number should be placed horizontally under the logotype.
  • In cases where an explanatory text is used. Place it directly underneath the licence number. Use Helvetica, upright.
  • If the background is dark, the colour white may be used for the text.

A smaller logo may also be used if the text is written in a readable size next to the label.


The green colour used in the Nordic Ecolabel logo:

PMS: 347 C
CMYK: 100 % cyan, 90 % yellow
RGB: R0 G154 B68

Read more about how you may use the Nordic Swan Ecolabel logo:

Logo guidelines for the Nordic Ecolabel


The EU Ecolabel logo is no longer available for download. It is now provided by the licence holder's handling officer.

Rules regarding usage of the logo are covered in the broschure: "Guidelines for the use of the EU Ecolabel logo".

White background:

CMYK, white
background (.eps)
PMS, white
background, (.eps)
CMYK, black,
white background

Transparent background:

When using logos with a transparent background, the label may be printed on a light, clear or un-bleached material so that the Swan will be formed by the background color. Should you be uncertain whether your printing method fullfills our logo policy, please contact us on beforehand.

CMYK, transparent
background (.eps)
PMS, transparent
background, (.eps)
PMS, transparent
background, (.tif)
CMYK, black,
transp. background,


Visitors using Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer automatically renames .eps files to .ps. Save the file as usual and then change it yourself into a .eps file.