Nordic Swan Ecolabelled funds

All industries need to work more systematically with issues concerning sustainable development.

This is also true for the financial industry, which channels capital flows and thus has a responsibility – as well as a large opportunity – to contribute to a more sustainable world. As thousands of investment funds are marketed in the Nordic region, the aim of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is to facilitate fund selection contributing to sustainable practices in companies.

Our current production and consumption patterns are not sustainable. We at Nordic Ecolabelling are convinced that investment funds have an important part to play in influencing companies so that they become more sustainable. In the Nordic fund market, there are over 6,000 different investment funds. Therefore, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel provides guidance about funds that lead the way in steering underlying companies and the fund industry in a more sustainable direction.

Past performance is no guarantee for future returns. The value of the money invested in the fund can increase or decrease and there is no guarantee that all of your invested capital can be redeemed.