089 Small houses, apartment buildings and buildings for schools and pre-schools

The Nordic Ecolabel makes requirement of the building's energy use, chemical products, building products/goods and a number of indoor environmental aspects that are relevant to the health and the environment. The Nordic Ecolabel also makes requirements of quality management in the construction process, and the handover of the building to the residents and administration/operations.

Nordic Ecolabelled buildings are assessed on the basis of a lifecycle perspective and

  • − have low energy consumption
  • − fulfil strict environmental and health requirements on construction products, materials and chemical products
  • − ensures a good indoor environment and low emissions
  • − have a quality-assured construction process.

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Building Materials Database

Our "Building Materials Database" is now launched. The Database contains both Ecolabelled products as well as listed products, which may be used in a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled building

In the database, producers of building materials are able to list their products and make them visible for companies, in the process of building a Nordic Swan Ecolabelled building. Licence holders and applying companies are then able to browse the database and create a list, containg all materials which will be used in the Nordic Swan Ecolabelled building. The new database will improve the application process and enable a better overview of all materials used in all Nordic Swan Ecolabelled building projects in the Nordic region.

Please click the link below to read more, to gain access to the database and to add your products.


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