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A Nordic ecolabelled printing company is a company that fulfils strict environmental requirements and has been granted a Nordic ecolabel licence to produce printed mat-ter. Nordic ecolabelled printed matter is printed matter, such as a brochure, a book or an envelope, with environmentally-friendly properties.

The printing company’s production process has a very low environmental impact when compared with other printing companies. The requirements apply mainly to the printing process, including paper consumption, and the paper and chemicals used by the printing company. The Nordic ecolabel also rewards production processes that facilitate the recycling of printed matter.

Applying the requirements will help the printing company to control its general envi-ronmental impact. The aim is to exploit resources as efficiently as possible and to re-place substances that are harmful to health and the environment with better alternatives.

The Nordic ecolabelling requirements provide the printing company with guidelines on how to contribute to sustainable development.

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