EU Ecolabel criteria

In most cases, the EU Ecolabel criteria are developed by the EU Commission's research center in Seville, Spain. The criteria are developed from a life-cycle perspective.

Today, more than 30 different types of products and services can carry the EU Ecolabel, for example vacuum cleaners, shoes, camping sites, refridgerators, heat pumps, detergents, paper products, matresses, wooden furniture, floors and lubricants.

EU Ecolabel's criteria

Please visit for a complete list of downloadable criteria documents.

In order for your product to be awarded an EU Ecolabel licence, it must fulfil strict requirements regarding the environment, health, function and quality. The criteria are gradually made more stringent in the same way as the Nordic Ecolabel criteria are revised every 3-4 years. Producers of ecolabelled goods must then re-apply and show that their products fulfil also the new version of the criteria.

No criteria for your product?

Not every type of product can carry the EU Ecolabel. Should you lack criteria for your product but still want to apply? Fill out the form below and suggest that criteria should be developed, also for your product.

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