What are Ecolabelled products?

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official Nordic Ecolabel since 1989. It is administered on consignment of the Swedish government by the non-profit state-owned company Ecolabelling Sweden. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a tool to help consumers choose environmentally-sound products. Today there are 63 product groups that can be Nordic Swan Ecolabelled.  

Nordic Swan Ecolabel's vision and mission
The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is a voluntary, positive ecolabelling of products and services with a common Nordic registered trademark, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Its purpose is to give consumers a clear and concise environmental product information, as well as promoting the development of products that are environmentally-sound. Our vision is a sustainable society and our mission is to contribute to a sustainable consumerism. We at the Nordic Swan Ecolabel do this by developing environmental criteria for 65 product groups. Companies that fulfill our criteria can apply for a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence. You as a consumer can do your part by changing your lifestyle patterns and by buying Nordic Swan Ecolabelled products. The choice is simple – Buy Ecolabelled products and services and you will be contributing to a sustainable consumerism, a better climate, and ultimately a sustainable society.

Nordic organisation behind Nordic Swan Ecolabel
The Nordic Swan Ecolabel was established by the Nordic Council of Ministers. It is the Nordic Ecolabelling Board which decides which products and services can be labelled with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Each country (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland) has a Nordic Ecolabel secretariat, and they jointly work on developing Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria. Each secretariat (in Sweden it is Ecolabelling Sweden) is responsible for issuing licences and marketing. Click on the link if you want more information about the Nordic organisation.

How do we decide which products can be Nordic Swan Ecolabelled?
We do environmental analyses to determine which product groupsto develop criteria for. Products that are chosen are judged from a lifecycle perspective – how the product affects the environment from source to waste. We investigate several factors: is there a great environmental problem that this product can be connected to, is there an opportunity for product development, and is there any way that a Nordic Swan Ecolabel could influence this product’s development? It is often about choosing products that are used by many people and in great quantity (for example hotels, washing detergents, tyres, etc.). Documentation, tests and then a licence Companies can apply for a Nordic Swan Ecolabel after fulfilling the criteria for that product group. Before a product receives a licence a control visit is often made. The company must also provide documentation and test results from independent laboratories. If the licence is approved, the company may market this product with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence. 

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