Our organisation

Ecolabelling Sweden is the Swedish secretariat in the Nordic Swan Ecolabel organisation. Our sister organisations are in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Our Nordic organisation is responsible for developing Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria, licensing policies and trademark issues. Ecolabelling Sweden is organised into three business units, a PR & Communication department, Marketing department and an Administrative department.

The two business areas are responsbile for developing Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria together with our sister companies in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, licensing products with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel, and marketing. The PR & Communication dep.t is responsible for all internal and external communication about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel, and our Marketing Dept is responsible for all marketing activities. Our administrative unit has the overriding responsibility for licensing, control functions, financial and IT services.

Ragnar Unge CEO Ecolabelling Sweden
Cecilia Ehrenborg Williams Cecilia Ehrenborg Williams  Vice CEO and Criteria development manager
Svante Sterner
Svante Sterner Head business dept "Products"
Ingela Hellström Head business dept "Services"
Christian Quarles van Ufford Head of market communications
Gun Nycander Gun Nycander HR and quality manager
Pernilla Hedberg IT and Office manager
Pierre Papp Chief Financial Officer

Board of Ecolabelling Sweden:

Christina Lindbäck Chairperson, appointed by the Swedish government
Anita Falkenek
Jan Peter Bergkvist SleepWell AB
Gunilla Jarlbro Lund University
Jan Johansson
Apoteket AB
Marita Axelsson Ministry of Justice
Maria Sundesten Representing Ecolabelling Sweden's employees
Ulla Sahlberg Representing Ecolabelling Sweden's employees

It is the Board of Ecolabelling Sweden who appoints members to the Swedish Nordic Ecolabelling Board. The Nordic Ecolabel Board  is responsible for Nordic Swan Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel criteria issues.